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5 Reasons to have Your House Power Washed After Winter

Winter is characterized by extreme cold and snow that can cause extensive damage to your property if left unattended. Property maintenance is one of the most essential factors every homeowner needs to consider, as it has the potential of raising your home’s value. Power washing is the process of cleaning using spray water that is under high pressure.

It helps to remove dirt and debris from different surfaces such as driveways, deck, and the interiors of a home. The normal cleaning techniques involving the use of chemicals and scrubbing by hand are not good options when you want to remove snow, dirt, debris, and grime from your home. There are many reasons why you should power wash your house after winter if you want to extend the life of your property.

1. It Minimizes the Level of Allergens

Cleaning and maintaining your home through power washing helps you last much longer. It eliminates dirt and grime that builds up over time creating a perfect breeding ground for molds. Because of this reason, power washing minimizes the level of allergens that cause sneezing, coughing, and watery eyes. Exposure to mold causes severe respiratory problems that compromise your immune system and overall health. Getting to remove any traces of allergens as soon as possible gives you peace of mind and helps keep you and your family healthy.

Powerwashing the winter off

2. It Prevents Permanent Damage

Winter grime can lead to tough stains and cause serious damage to your exterior surfaces if they are not taken care of in the spring. Grime and stain can result in permanent damage if allowed to sit in your home for very long periods. When compared to traditional cleaning options, power washing removes grime easily and quickly impacting little on the environment.

Using sand and salt for snow removal in winter can damage your deck boards or concrete in your driveway. The granules accumulate leaving behind excess debris on your exterior surfaces. The acidity level present in the pellets can affect your deck boards and the composition of concrete. Power washing is a better alternative because it does not cause damage to your property.

3. It Saves You Time for Cleaning

People living in bigger homes find power washing much easier and faster compared to the traditional methods that involve scrubbing or removing winter grime by hand. This saves you time since there is no strenuous activity involved such as endless scrubbing, climbing ladders, or mixing cleaning solutions. Hand washing does not provide the same power and it takes several hours to achieve the desired results. Power washing uses little effort to remove the filth and grime that has accumulated on your exterior surfaces throughout winter.

4. It Preserves the Value of Your Property

One of the biggest benefits of power washing your house after winter is that it helps preserve the value of your property. A home is often exposed to harsh natural elements such as wind, snow, and heavy rains that can take a toll on your outdoor spaces and exterior paint. If this happens, the value of your property also decreases giving you a less competitive advantage in the real estate market. Power washing your house after winter freshens up your outdoor living spaces and preserves the appearance of your home. This makes it easier to sell at a better value giving you a high return on investment.

5. It Helps Prepare the Surfaces to be Worked On

If you want to repair surfaces that might have been damaged by snow and heavy rains during winter, you can prepare them in the shortest time possible by power washing. It makes it easier to clean places that are hard to reach such as cracks and crevices. Water flowing under high pressure has the ability to remove winter grime that might be stuck between the crevices and cracks on your wall.

The fact that power washing preserves the value of your property is reason enough to carry out the cleaning procedure to maximize the sale price of your home. Although you should consider power washing your house after winter, wrong or inexperienced handling can cause damage to your property. It is important to know that you cannot power wash everything since you risk damage to property. Avoid power washing wooden furniture, painted surfaces, crumbling concrete, and plastic surfaces unless you want to renovate the particular area. To avoid damage, it is advisable to hire a professional as they have the right skills and years of training in dealing with such issues.

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