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Can Power Washing a House Be Done During Rain?

When faced with unsightly sidings or decks, try power washing them before you contemplate repairs or replacement. Chances are that the dullness you see could just be dirt that has overstayed and denied the surface its original glory. This is because, with the correct technique, cleaners, and materials, you can restore the original glory of your exterior surfaces with a single wash using the power washer. Since even with the forecast the weather is unpredictable, it might start raining mid-job.

So now, it has become a concern for a good number of people, including our clients, whether to stop or continue washing during the rain. This question can be answered in two different formats; Yes and No. Depending on safety precautions taken, the type of equipment being used and, the intensity of the rain, there are scenarios when you can power wash and when it is not advisable to do so.

Powerwashing done right!

When You Can Power Wash Even During Rains

  • If the Intensity of The Rain is Mild

If for instance you were mid-cleaning and all of a sudden it started raining, you can still carry on unbothered if the precipitation is mild. Instead of safety concerns and reduced effectiveness, mild rains can become very handy when power washing. They can make the job easier for you by rinsing the detergents so that you do not have to go back to doing the same task. During the mild rains, visibility is enhanced unlike during a sunny day where your shadow is cast over the surface before you. As this happens, visibility is hampered and you may not clearly see the dirty surfaces. Unlike sunny day where detergents dry off too soon, overcast weathers are ideal for power washing since they allow detergents to sit for the required time, thereby enhancing their effectiveness.

  • Rain Helps in Rinsing the Cleaners

After applying your cleaners, letting them sit for the specified duration, and power washing the surface, the next process step is rinsing. There is no better way to conclude the job than with overcast weather. This is especially true if you were mid-task and the rains started pouring all of a sudden. All you have to do is concentrate on the dirty surfaces and the rain will do the rest, rinsing the cleaner. The only limitation with this is that you might be forced to use a little harsh cleaner to compensate for the fast clearing, facilitated by the rains. Harsh cleaners can corrode your surfaces.

  • Rain Provides the Perfect Clear Visibility

On a sunny day, your shadow is cast over the surface before you, preventing you from clearly spotting the dirty sections. The result could be felt in the end when you are left with half-clean surfaces. The overcast offers bolstered visibility so that you can comfortably spot all the areas that need special attention.

  • Rain Prevents Detergents from Drying Off Too Quickly

After applying detergents during power washing, they are meant to sit for a few minutes to allow them to digest the dirt on surfaces. Conversely, in sunny weather, the overcast allows such cleaners enough time to digest dirt, thereby contributing to pristine surfaces while at the same time making the task easier.

When You Cannot Power Wash during Rains

  • Safety Concerns

Power washing is highly discouraged if your equipment is not designed to withstand such weather. This is because some equipment comes with enhanced cables and features that allow their use in all manner of weather. In addition to being electrocuted by sub-grade equipment, you might slip, fall and sustain injuries due to the slippery surface.

  • Torrential Rainfall

Power washing during rain is only recommended if the rainfall is mild. However, for torrential downpours, visibility might be hampered thereby reducing the effectiveness of the task as well as the equipment.

  • Effectiveness of the Detergents

Heavy rainfall only works against you since it carries off detergents even before they completely digest the dirt, and thus making it harder to pristinely clean the surfaces.

  • Surface Damage

Power washing comes in handy in areas where other common cleaning methods for instance scrubbing bear minimal effectiveness. It therefore means that together with heavy downpours, the pressure from the washer might damage the surfaces, creating another problem.

If you were mid-task when heavy rainfall started pouring and you really needed the surface cleaned the same day, consider contracting the remaining part to professionals. They are adept with working in all manner of weather. This in turn, saves you the risks you are exposed to when power washing during rains.

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